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Ponggol Setan Rice At Tegal City In Indonesia

Nasi Ponggol is a rice wrapped in banana leaves with a side dish of sambal goreng Tempe. For Tegal people, Nasi Ponggol is identical to the breakfast menu because they have a habit of eating Nasi Ponggol in the morning. Nowadays Nasi Ponggol not only found in the morning but afternoon to night. This culinary in accordance with its name does have a spicy flavor that feels deep. But there are also people who mention the use of the name of the Devil's white because this food is sold until the early morning.

Nasi Ponggol Satan has become a daily food for the people of Tegal. Ponggol himself according to the indigenous people in Tegal means the container is made of leaves and the limp is locked with two lidi on the right and left. There is one main side dish that must be present in this culinary that is sambal goreng Tempe or some who call Tempe Orek. Tempe is treated with a spicy dining cooked to dry like an orek tempe. Before Tempe is processed into Sambal goreng, Tempe first cut into the form of dice then dried under the hot sun for one day. It is said because this is what makes processed sambal goreng has a distinctive flavor.

Nasi Ponggol is best enjoyed in warm state. Sweet, savory and spicy fried tempe flavor adds delicious taste of the white rice. In addition to the side dish of tempeh fried tempe, Nasi Ponggol Setan also good to be enjoyed with vegetables such as urap or other dishes such as sauteed Siamese pumpkin, sauteed kangkung, or fried vermicelli. Not forgetting to be accompanied by a glass of famous Tegal tea Wasgitel, meaning fragrant tea, hot, sepet, Legi (Sweet) and follow (condensed). There are about 30 kinds of side dishes provided in Warung Bu Ranti. Warung Nasi Ponggol Bu Ranti is open from Pk 11.00 until Pk 24.00.

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