Senin, 22 Juli 2019


Cendol is a run of the mill of Indonesian beverage that is produced using rice flour, presented with ground ice and darker sugar and coconut milk. The flavor of this beverage is sweet and appetizing. In the zone of Sunda this beverage is known by the name of cendol while in Central Java known as ice dawet.

There is a confidence in Indonesian culture that the expression "cendol" is most likely gotten from "jendol", found in Sundanese, Javanese and Indonesian; this alludes to the impression that is felt when the cendol grain through the mouth while drinking ice cendol.

Rice flour is prepared with a green color and shaped through an uncommon channel, making it bulbous. The color utilized at first is a characteristic color from pandan leaves, yet these days it has been utilized fake sustenance shading.

In the interim, in Sunda cendol is made by sieving steamed rice flour recolored with suji leaves with sifter to get a round shape decreasing on the tip.

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